Sebastian Burkhard / hasclass

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, iOS Developer
Sebastian has been coding for the web for 15 years. His first freelance gig was at the tender age of 16. Since then he's been working with web technologies all around the world, after 2006 exclusively with Ruby.

Currently he is creating tools for Amazon Sellers (FBA/FBM), like AMZengine, a service that syncs amazon income statements to Xero.

Previously he founded CloudXLS, a service that makes it easy for programmers to delight their users and business guys with fancy excel reports, dashboards and exports.

In his spare time he created RubyJS, a port of Ruby core-lib to JavaScript. It deepened his knowledge in JavaScript and Ruby. He learned how to write performant JavaScript code and shared his knowledge with other JS libraries.

Currently he develops for Quintel on a simulation that calculates future energy scenarios influenced by 400 parameters. It answers questions like "what happens when everyone switched to electric cars and coal prices rises". See yourself at Their whole source code is now open source, see the calculation engine and the front-end.

Previously he cofounded FundExplorer, a startup in the financial sector. There he built the first European database and information website for Exchange-Traded funds, it was used by major banks and asset managers worldwide. Client work included a portfolio performance calculator, back-testing tool and a fund rating application.

He holds a MSc in Computer Science from the University of Zurich (Switzerland), studied at the University of Uppsala (Sweden). Up until graduation he worked among others for ETH, built various Rails apps for Sitrox and vasp, developed an interactive collaboration screen for University of Sydney.


RubyJS is a JavaScript implementation of all methods from Ruby classes like Array, String, Numbers, Time and more. I built this in my sparetime over the course of four months. It has been well received and was acknowledged by Matz, the creator of Ruby.

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